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Primary caregivers help children rest their bodies by following their individual cues, rhythm and previously established plans with families.  Primary caregivers may hold infants in their arms or lay down the infants in their cribs before infants are fully asleep.  This is to help infants develop self-soothing skills with the help of their own bodies.  This is also to enable infants learn to control their startle reflex, which is beneficial for the healthy development of their nervous system.  We have a nap room for infants under 12 months old and another nap room for children over 12 months old.  The separate nap rooms help children transition to a space designed for resting with minimal interruptions.  Sleeping children will be supervised at all times.  More importantly, sleep is a developmental skill.  This means that all children need time and support to learn and master this skill throughout the different developmental ages and stages.   


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