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We all have stories to share.  Stories give us insight.  According to Carr and Lee (2012) the purpose of Learning Stories is to be used as a narrative assessment in which adults write Learning Stories for each child and then use it to track the growth and development of that child.  Furthermore, Carr and Lee (2012) state that children have a sense of agency, which leads them to be authors of their learning. We agree with these authors and plan to  use Learning Stories as a way to make visible the learning of children and the adults who care for them in our home-based program.

Click below to access two articles written by Margie Carter that will deepen your understanding of Learning Stories.

Using ‘Learning Stories’ to strengthen teachers’ relationships with children by Margie Carter


Traditional Assessments versus Learning Stories Approach by Margie Carter


Carr, M., & Lee, W.  (2012).  Learning stories: Constructing learner identities in early education.  London: SAGE Publications            Ltd.

Written by Abhirami Gunasingam

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