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Disclaimer:  Information presented on this website is based on the current knowledge base of Abhirami Gunasingam and Allison Horne.  Links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval in any manner.  Information will be modified as we become aware of new research and best practices.

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We believe that positive guidance strategies support children to understand how to engage with other human beings, how to engage in socially acceptable behaviors, how to use materials in a safe manner, and most importantly builds their self-esteem.  


Based on our belief, we use the following strategies to help guide children:

1.  We reflect on their behaviors.

2.  We reflect on their feelings.

3.  We reflect on what they are communicating to us.

4.  We use personal messages.

5.  We strive to create a "Yes" Environment.

6.  We provide appropriate choices.

Click here to learn more about our positive guidance strategies used in our home-based program.


Written by Abhirami Gunasingam