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First, secure your own mask!

During an emergency on an airplane, you are instructed to place the oxygen mask on your face first before helping anyone else. Similarly, you will be unable to adequately care for young humans if you do not first care for yourself. Establishing a self-management routine that includes ways you can care for yourself is vital. Caregivers are often beat down by this world, plagued by external and internal guilt, and treated as less than by others. It is important for those who spend a lot of time with young humans to consider their own personal care routines. Self-care looks different for everyone. Whether it is taking a bubble bath, or drinking water, even the little things you do for yourself each day add up to protect you from negative influences and burn out. Each person’s self care routine is individualized and necessary for balance.

Spending one on one time with people is one way that Allison engages in self-care. For example, Allison enjoys pausing each day for a moment to watch her daughter, Everly. The focus in these moments is not capturing pictures or videos of her, but observing her movements, facial expressions, and being present. Treasuring the little things, and remembering all these special moments with Everly makes Allison feel connected to her daughter and invigorated to work with young humans.

Engaging in self-reflection is one way that Abhi promotes self-care. Examples include, building awareness about what she needs at a given moment in time, and finding reasons to laugh.

Self-care is not something that has to be a big thing; it can be something small you do each day. It is important to take control of your own well-being by finding things that build you. Do what replenishes you.

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