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Nature Made

“A growing body of literature indicates that humans need contact with nature for their well-being, however at the same time young children are becoming increasingly separated from the natural world as their access to the outdoors diminishes” (Dowdell, Gray & Malone, 2011).

Here are our nature made young explorers:

Mud Play:

Sticks, Stones and Pinecones:

Foraging for berries, Hunting in the plants and Exploring with our hands:

Sand and Moat Making:


Creating with Natural Materials:


Dowdell, K., Gray, T., & Malone, K. (2011). Nature and its influence on

children’s outdoor play. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, 15,


Suggested Readings:

1. Nature and young children: Encouraging creative play and learning in natural environments by: Ruth Wilson, 2007

2. Nature and its Influence on Children's Outdoor Play by: Kellie Dowdell, Tonia Gray, and Karen Malone.

3. NAEYC’s Where Can We Explore Nature? Everywhere! by: Donna Satterlee, Grace Cormons, and Matt Cormons

4. NAEYC’s Mud: Explore and Learn

5. NAEYC’s Tuning Out to Tune In: How Time Outside Can Improve Readiness to Learn Inside by: Andrea Laser

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