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Food From The Heart: Cantalope Faux-Cream

What is better after a long day exploring and working alongside friends than a creamy frozen treat?! Real ice cream has far too much sugar and ingredients I can’t always pronounce! So, we decided to make a healthy yet delicious alternative! Plan ahead because this recipe has an overnight prep component!

Ingredients: Cantaloupe Plain Greek Yogurt (approximately 1-2 cups) *Food processor Directions:

  1. Cut up cantaloupe into cubes and put into a freezer safe bag or container.

  2. Freeze overnight.

  3. Put 1 cup yogurt in the bottom of a food processor, add in some of the frozen cantaloupe and blend until smooth. If too thick add more yogurt a little at a time. If too thin, add more cantaloupe a little at a time. Texture should replicate ice cream!

  4. Scoop into a bowl and serve immediately!


  • Use other melons like honeydew

  • Add in other fruits to create new flavors

  • Serve in a cone

  • Add cut up fruits as toppings

  • Prep some cantaloupe and keep stored in freezer to take out when needed

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