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Food From The Heart: Melon Popsicles

Hot days mean extra care when it comes to staying hydrated while exploring outside! An easy way to do this is homemade melon popsicles. Melon helps to lower your core body temperature and keep you hydrated. We use cantaloupe the most, however, watermelon and musk melon are also delicious! Ingredients: Melon of choice (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc) Water *food processor/blender Directions:

  1. Cut melon into chunks and put into food processor/blender, blend and add water to reach desired consistency.

  2. Pour into XL-ice cube trays and add a spoon or into other popsicle mold.

  3. Freeze overnight, take out and serve immediately


  • While blending, add in other fruits, veggies or herbs for flavor varieties. We like cucumber cantaloupe, and watermelon basil!

  • Add in some bite sized fruit/vegetable pieces to the ice tray/mold before freezing. We like cut up strawberries in a water and watermelon popsicle, so the pieces can be seen through! Beautiful!

  • Add less water and leave the melon a little “chunky” like a smoothie texture and freeze for a texture variety!

  • If you feel more dehydrated, and want more water with a hint of flavor (a al La Croix) add more water to the blender to thin out the popsicle mixture.

  • Layer it up! This takes a little bit more time, but layering flavors and freezing in between creates a beautiful looking popsicle. We’ve done this with a melon layer and a cucumber flavored layer!

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