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Food From The Heart: Turn Up The Beet!

I was always told beets have amazing health properties, however, I was reading an article in Health magazine (can be found here) and was reminded of this fact! Beets are chock full of nutrients and can improve your blood pressure, lower your risk for heart disease, improve your energy and boost your brain (just to name a few) PLUS they are just down right delicious!! So why not add them to your young human’s menu?! We have tried steamed beets (recipe below), roasting beets in the oven (with a little bit of coconut oil OR sliced thin resulting in a beet “chip”), adding them to smoothies (see our watermelon “smoothie” recipe here: LINK), and drinking the “juice.” Any way you serve them, their health benefits just can’t be BEET! Steamed beets Ingredients: Red Beets *steamer or microwave safe bowl & microwave Directions:

  1. If not already off, cut off the beet greens/stems (and save for later! These can be juiced or steamed with some garlic and butter for a delicious side).

  2. Cut beets into bite sized cubes.

  3. If using a steamer, steam until tender but not mushy. If using a microwave, put into a microwave safe bowl with a little water, cover and cook 5-10 minutes stirring about every 3 minutes to check for done-ness!

  4. If desired, a little salt and pepper, then let cool and serve.

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