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Food From The Heart: Watermelon “Smoothies”

Smoothies isn’t the best term for these blended fruit and water drinks, but they seem to be a favorite, with repeated shouts of “‘moothie” or “more-more-more” when we get the smoothie pitcher out. They are basically the melon popsicles just thinner and not frozen!

Ingredients: Watermelon (or melon of choice) Water, if desired *food processor/blender Directions: Cut watermelon into chunks and put into food processor/blender, and blend until no large chunks are left. The consistency is typically okay without water (maybe because watermelon is basically fruit water) but you can and add water to reach a smoother and more liquid consistency. Pour into cups and enjoy or refrigerate then serve for a colder drink. Ideas:

  • While blending, add in other fruits, veggies or herbs for flavor varieties. We like watermelon beet, and watermelon cantaloupe!

  • Add less water and leave the melon a little “chunky” but still drinkable for a thicker texture (best for older toddlers/preschool age)

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